Wienies and worms, pasta and pups

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Wienies and worms!

Yesterday we had a potluck in our department and it was quite delicious. We had a variety of hotdogs and trimmings, such as onolicious chili, pulled pork, sauerkraut, Chicago-style amenities, you get my drift. One of my colleagues made something called “Dogs and Worms.” It was really cool looking, and as a mom with two kids, I just know it would be a hit at the dinner table!

Serve this wiggly delight to kids of all ages!

Yes, the Pleasant Peasant cooks real food. I might blow you away with some of my pics, but don’t forget I can make a mean turkey burger, grilled three-cheese and mushroom sandwich, and pour a beer with a nickle head every time.

Anyway, what you do is you stick about four sturdy dried spaghetti strands into hotdog chunks. Then you boil the pasta according to instructions, drain, and serve. For the ultimate gross out, err, kid thrill, top with jarred Alfredo sauce or, go for the full white-trash effect and melt processed cheese that starts with a V on top. Heh. My colleague who made them said you can’t just use any hot dog, because some of them can’t hold up to the 10-minute pasta boil. So try it with something sturdier. Then, you gotta worry about the pasta breaking when you’re sticking it in the dogs, so you need some industrial strength spaghetti, maybe even linguine. Angel hair wouldn’t cut it.

Here’s where you can see very detailed (too detailed) instructions, but they have great pics. 

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