Salty sweetness.

@postaday 320; #postaday2011.

It’s one of those days when the blank blog template stares back at me. One of those days when I place my fingers on the keyboard and let them go. The problem isn’t a lack of something interesting to write, but an abundance.

Conversations today went better than those from yesterday. And a few of my colleagues made lunch for us so I’m full of amazing chili on jasmine rice, pulled pork, and sausage. It’s what we do. A few weeks ago we had a salad bar and I still need to get my broccoli salad recipe to one of my colleagues. It had bacon bits and craisins in it. Salty sweetness.

That seems to be the flavor of life these days. Sometimes you’re so happy that a tear escapes, and when you smile, it slides along the corner of your mouth, waiting.