hed goes here.

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Sometimes, especially when you live in Hawaii, you open up a newspaper that says hed goes here. It’s a place saver. Once, when I was a reporter at Pacific Business News, I opened up the Wall Street Journal and there it was, or something similar. It’s happened more than any editor or page designer or publisher would like. It’s pie on their face, and no one is happy about it. NO ONE.

I blame myself for today’s headline over my life: FUNKED UP DAY OR WHAT? As I was getting all suited up for my bicycle ride early this morning and went looking for my mini wallet with my license in it, I realized it was at work in my work purse, a tiny little cross bag that carries my iPhone, a pen, a pencil, a tiny notebook, lose change and my mini wallet. I had to get out of my bicycling clothing, pull on something sort of presentable in case someone important saw me, and go into town to get it. John drove me, but I drove Carrie and me home from the Mothership last night without my license! HORRORS! ILLEGAL!

Now that I have it, I will try that ride tmrw. But now, time for a little #5kin100days action. Then I can have my you know what. And the kids can chill until I’m good and ready to put on my house dress and apron.