#5kin100days on 11/11/11

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Here are my stats from today’s run, well, my week 7, day 3 #5kin100days training session. John and I launched after Kid1 went to the Math Counts practice and Kid2 went on a play date.

For today’s program, designed by Brad of bradgansberg.com fame, we had to walk 5 minutes, fast walk 30 minutes, then do six 4-minute runs interspersed with 1-min breaks. We decided to add on an additional 4-minute run to get us to the Val Nolasco water fountain at the Hawaii Kai 76 service station. All in all, it was a very good effort. A few twinges on the Achille’s tendon. I’m sure this is a walk in the park for John, who is a runner, but he is very patient and encouraging. I love that! Thanks, John!

I would have preferred riding my bicycle, but the wind is so blustery! If this keeps up, I’ll be mounting the helliptical tmrw at 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai to get my cardio on. Just completed a few Linkin Park albums on my iDevices, so I’ll be the mellow one crawlin’ in my skin… Heh…