We gather together.

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Turkey parts ready to roast.








Just ushered out the last guest and it’s now 7 p.m. Sunday evening, Nov. 27, 2011. We got the family together and it was a very nice evening. We planned for the birthday bash in three weeks, and then Xmas. Add into the mix child orchestra events, the Honolulu Marathon and an unreasonable mother who wants to ride her bicycle on the weekends, and you got yourself some vibrant conversations! 

Enough of that! It was nice to have my in-laws over. We don’t see each other enough, and every one is very busy.







I am thankful for having married into a fine family who loves me and our girls. It’s a fine place to be.

So I return the favor when I can by nurturing them through food. I dismembered and roasted a turkey, made stuffing, brussels sprouts, beets and gravy. In-laws brought the rest of the meal, such as mashed potatoes and sparkling wine! John and the girls set the table, scrubbed the toilets. I swept and mopped the floors, Kid2 ran the vacuum. SIL 1 brought crudite and the family chatted while noshing while I made the gravy, cut the meat and loaded the serving bowls. I kept well lubricated. How lovely that Roderer Estate sparkling wine showed up (2 bottles!). The pumpkin and pecan pies were magnificent and we enjoyed them with regular and caramel whipped cream! Whoa. Who knew?

Tails. Five turkeys have no butts.
Cleaver in motion.