Birthdays & Other Holidays

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Next Monday is my birthday, which I share with one of my sisters-in-law who lives here in the Islands. The next day is my brother’s birthday, he lives back in New Jersey. Today I went to Walmart and bought him a birthday card. I still need to sign it and mail it. I always forget about his birthday because there is always so much going on. I have a brother-in-law who also lives here in the Islands, and his birthday is a day or two after Xmas. The family celebrates all three of our birthdays together.

I should take a cue from Kitty Girl and chill under the tree. It's no big deal!

Then we have Xmas and New Years. We had Thanksgiving. We have office parties and farewell parties and the kids have school parties and concerts and there’s the Honolulu Marathon and regularly scheduled jobs and workouts and special meals to make and of course we should shop and buy and mail holiday cards and try not to let anyone fall between the cracks, but I always do. PHEW.

I always look forward to January. Is there any wonder? Renewed commitments toward my goals, my health, and toward better personal relationships; fresh planners at work; writing 2012 on my checks to A+, being better at everything I am and everything I do.

Oh, yeah, and living happily ever after! It’s worth a try!