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This site is my *personal* weblog – where I write just about anything from the trivial to the professional. Thank you for reading and thank you for your comments.

Do you leave comments that never surface? There’s a reason for that. Little editors inside my site flag what they consider crap bogus sh^t comments as SPAM. In fact, quite a few thousand have been flagged. Most of the time the little editors are right. In fact, they have been right 99.98 percent of the time. I get to see each one just in case they’re being too anal about it. Most of the time they are not. I give those little editors a snack and a free beverage at essbux and then I flush those spammy crappy fake love notes down into the Internet’s sewage system where it gets decomposed into binary bits. I hope they get recycled into something more meaningful, or something more, well, you know, relative to my blog.

Oh, yeah. If you are moved to do so, here’s how you can reach me:

On Twitter: @lavagal

Via email: paulabender@gmail.comiphone-pix-1541

8 thoughts on “Reach me”

  1. Hi Paula,
    It’s Heather–former intern at PBN long long ago. Just wanted to say hi, I saw your blog on the Advertiser web site and enjoyed reading your lavagal blog, too. Sounds like you have a full and happy life- I’m so happy for you! I live in Oakland now with my husband (John, former reporter at PBN and the Advertiser), 4 year-old son and 2 year-old daughter.

  2. Hi Heather!
    So nice to hear from you. I appreciate your getting in touch with me! Mahalo for reading my blogs. I get a lot of satisfaction writing for them, but, they don’t add up to a block-buster novel! SIGH! Stay in touch! Are you on Facebook? Feel free to connect there! Aloha!

  3. Aloha, Paula…Long time no see! How are things? I keep up with you on your great site!!!

    Happy New Year and Gung Hee Fat Choy, mona

  4. Aloha Paula,

    I just got done reading your Sun,sea,surf, and salvaging one’s skin, I can’t wait to share your story with our SunEscaper friends. Sun Precaution and sun awareness is such an important topic.The harsh effects of the uva and uvb rays is staggering. Skin cancer has taken the lead over all other forms of cancer. Look forward to meeting you soon. Devra-SunEscaper

  5. Paula,
    Just read your blog entry about swimming. Are you training for the Waikiki Roughwater Swim in Sept.?


  6. Hey sweetie! I believe, with you, it’s the “getting there” that matters, not the hard bod. I mean, you and I know that we can work ourselves to death and die with a soft spot on our tummy. You get something special from the accomplishment of these activities. It’s so obvious in all your writings. Every time I read a description about the work-out you just completed, I think “damn,that makes me want to go do some yoga” because yoga is what gives me that physical and spiritual high. Speaking of that, I need to go do some. Paula, don’t kill yourself if you don’t love it, but don’t let somebody saying that you “looked in pain” during your severe work-out give you grief. OF COURSE you looked like you were in pain. Look at those faces the the pros all make when they are hitting it. The SOUNDS…hehehe. Love you, you seriously incredibly beautiful woman.

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