Poetry: Behold Art Freedom

Abstract art by my daughter Charlotte Bender. 10/2/15

Abstract art by my daughter Charlotte Bender. 10/2/15
Abstract 1CB                   By Charlotte Bender  10/2/15

Aloha and welcome to my poetry page. I am enrolled in an online poetry class and am using this page to share my work. I have written many haiku, but I want to tackle other forms as well. They will populate this page with each assignment over the next two weeks. If you wish to comment, please indicate the title and the date of the poem for quick reference. #writing201
Mahalo, Paula

 Day 2: A little late.
The Gift
Melanoma shock.
Engaging life countdown clock.
Live! I want to live!
Angst, acceptance. Peace.
Nasty Cancer cell monsters,
Mind and body and
Attitude is positive.
Day 1:
How does your screen glow?
Pristeen onscreen lives
Portray perfection and yet
We wonder who’s real.

Behold art freedom.
See perspective, perception.
Create your meaning. 10/4/15

All poetry by Paula Bender. Copyright 2015. 

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