Last Chance November

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Had a come-to-heyzeus meeting with John yesterday and today we start fresh. I’m counting points on Weight Watchers. I swear you all know I do this. I count points and then I don’t, and then I let my exercising take the lead, and before you know it, I justify every stray morsel with the exercise lie. You know the one: “I work out. I can eat this.” Well, no, you can’t actually.

A pile of spicy ahi on top of a won ton, on top of a pile of spicy ahi, on top of a won ton, on top of a pile of spicy ahi. All yum and then some this morning.

It probably helps that last night’s conveyor-belt sushi experience left me with internal grumbles this morning. I’m sitting here swearing off spicy ahi for the rest of my life. Let’s see if I last a week.

Commitments are fine. Here’s mine. Drop a pant’s size by the end of 2011. Tell you how much I weigh? Hellas NO! I’ll log in exercising, and I’ll log in on my online WW account, and I’ll be accountable.

11/1/11 is a fine day to begin something. November is our last chance to get our bodies in gear for the holiday party onslaught that looms ahead. Cheese logs rolled in nuts and chili pepper flakes, full-fat egg nog, spiral-sliced honey hams, and at my house, California Rolls Inferno. Then there is Thanksgiving (I’m cooking), my birthday on 12/12, Christmas and New Year’s Eve and day. If ever there were a time fraught with culinary distractions, these last two months are it.

And yes, cut back on wino’clock.

Gird your loins, prepare to battle. (What? You think I’d let my Catholic education go to waste? I know about sack cloth and ash. Oh. Yes. I. Do.)