Nine minutes to write this.

@postaday 325; #postaday2011.

Yep, nine minutes left on my lunch break before I meet with colleagues to plan yet another festive gathering to honor, well, that’s classified.

Sometimes they say that the M in HMSA stands for meetings. I’ve got a few people calling it The Mothership with me, heh. Fortunately, I don’t have to attend as many meetings as other people do. But when I do go, I like to bring my iPad along and type in my notes. My hand cannot keep up when writing with a measly low-tech pen. There are too many important ideas being bandied around, too many details. It’s important not to leave any of it to chance.

The year is drawing to a close. People are moving on. Those of us left behind are trying to be positive about letting them go and letting them have the fun they earned. Not to be maudlin, but gee, I sure do hope some other people fill the void. But it’s really hard to fill the boots of some people. You wanna pass that big ole belt buckle to someone who will go to bat for ya.

That’s life. Come, go, and grab what you can when it’s there. Before you know it,  your nine minutes are up.