Thrill of the Kill: The Conclusion of Thrill of the Hunt.

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A few days ago I wrote about shopping for a purse for a senior woman. She’s 72 years old and I had some ideas about what might work best for her.

Not too big, not too small, pretty, shiny, new, and GREEN!

Yesterday I found what I think will work. It’s green and shiny, so it will be easy to clean and easy to locate. It has a secure front pocket for keys or a bus pass or both. It has a zippered top, which should help repel unauthorized hands. It’s interior is also green, which will make it easy to find things inside. And it has double medium-length straps, a compromise for not having both handles and a shoulder strap. It’s also small. I am a big-purse goddess, but what that really means is that I sometimes have neck, arm, and back aches because I carry too much in my big black holes.

I hope this makes her happy. I was pleased to have found it.