Why I haiku.

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Last night, just as I was falling asleep, I had a wonderful idea for today’s blog. When I woke up this morning, it was gone. It fizzled into nothingness. I’m disappointed. Everyday’s blog entry should be tasty, chewy, and a solidly good read.

What do you do when you have something you want to write, an amazing idea, an astonishing eureka moment that you know would get people charged? Should I have turned on my recorder app on my iPhone, said a few words, and tucked in? It’s dark, and there’s nothing to write with bedside. Maybe what this really means is that I should tackle the shelves around the bed and make a place for ideas to incubate while I get the sleep I need.

When I write my haiku, they are poems with which I harness an impulsive thought into a 5-7-5-syllable format. I haiku the moon, the sea, the breeze, the stars, and love. I haiku sadness, longings, wonders, daydreams. They are the mesh through which you might see what dwells in my soul.

The last haiku I wrote is a series set in one poem. It’s kinda sad, and I wonder why that might be. As though I were jilted. Then I ask myself, why would I want anyone to know I have these thoughts? I’ll tell you why: Maybe they speak to someone. Maybe they could be a song, maybe someone can hear the music that matches these words.

Five Haiku, One Poem
By Paula Bender
Clouds blow by and I

Pens, pencils, poetry. And prose. Possibilities.
Think about why you made me
Cry. You never tried.
Unlock my secrets
Learn what makes my heart go wild
Then scatter my fears.
Love is confusion.
A dance of uncertainty.
A hit or a miss.
Signals and chances
Longing looks, backward glances,
Go undetected.
Or so it would seem.
All I really want to do
Is believe the dream.
I feel so naked after I pop something out like this into the Ethernet. I feel SHY!
p.s. I’m not doing #nanowrimo. I can’t do that. I’m the kid who writes in her notebook and blocks your view with her arm. You can’t see it until I’m through.