To Sir, With Love


@postaday 314; #postaday2011.

Something to celebrate! Today is National Sandwich Day and gosh darn it I want a hoagie. Not a chain-shop, slapped together, skinny-ass, limp over-blown wad of dough with the skinniest line of meat in the middle of it. And don’t ask me if I want mayonnaise. WTPho? Mayonnaise does NOT belong within 10 feet of a hoagie!

This is what 63 looks like.

And speaking of irritations sweeter thoughts, the Whistler in my new ‘hood came in today whistling a new different tune. At first I thought to myself, “Does he even KNOW he’s whistling ‘To Sir, With Love?'” So I whipped out a tweet on Twitter and updated Facebook only to be informed by hubs John that today is not only National Sandwich Day but Lulu’s birthday. Who is Lulu? Oh PUHLEASE! She sang “To Sir, With Love” to Sidney Poitier in the movie by the same title. Every kid in the world has to see that movie. I just LOVE LUV it!

Hot damn. She looks really good for 63. I want to look that good at 63! I think I’ll check out her skin-care line. Thanks, Michelle!