Swimming the Duke’s Waikiki Ocean Mile.

Considering the course.

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The 2011 Duke’s Waikiki Ocean Mile Swim is in the books! I wish I could say I went faster, but I was pretty slow. I wish I could say I did well in my age group, but I did not. I didn’t finish DFL, I wasn’t last, but I probably would have had a better result if I weren’t directionally challenged. Is the Zig-Zag Man looking to sponsor any weekend warriors? Because I sure do have a handle on zig-zag swimming, LOL!

My time was 43:48, and I was 347 overall, and 25th in my age group of 27 women. Everyone under 30 beat me and 18 people did not. But, as Coach Joe said, don’t treat it as a race but as though you were at practice. I’d rather have this as a baseline than something I might not be able to repeat!

The swim felt wonderful.Sometimes when I’m at practice, I cannot break that sense of urgency that keeps my heart from racing or my lungs from nearly exploding. Today while out in the ocean, I had none of that. First of all, upon the advice of my coach and friends, I let the fast people go out before me. I took my time getting started. The women were met with a set of waves on our way out, so there was a lot of up and down and some crashing among swimmers. By the time I got to the first buoy the field stretched out and I went due south instead of southwest to the second buoy. So I lost a few minutes correcting that. Once I got to the second buoy, I had been swimming 22 minutes. It took another 10 minutes to get to the third buoy. How do I know? I checked my watch. Then I proceeded toward shore and the final buoy (the first one repeated). I kept losing that buoy. I watched the skyline and managed to get myself to shore. During that last leg, I put to use the most recent stroke clinic advice I had gotten about keeping my elbows bent for a more shallow and faster stroke. When I got out, I was super careful about my foot and couldn’t really run to the pad to record my timing chip. Running in sand is hard for people who don’t have repaired tendons, too!

I really enjoyed the pace with which I swam today. The water felt incredible. I felt safe the whole time. I felt as though the time I achieved was just right. And I feel as though I am better at being me.

Mahalo to John for coming out with me. He stood in the hot sun while I did this.