Share the Shoulder!

Red Saddle at Rest at Diamond Head Lookout.

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Now more than ever newbie Honolulu Marathon Clinic participants need to be told/taught/drilled about running with awareness and to share the shoulder before someone not in their herd, a lone runner, a bicyclist, or someone out for a walk, gets killed.

I know each of these groups have leaders. They need to step up and tell their participants about the etiquette of sharing the shoulder with others. Please!

The winds persisted this weekend. It was harder today to bicycle, probably because I left the house closer to 8 a.m. I did what I call my “ride lite” because I did the hills yesterday. There are little hills on the lite ride, and I get a good workout going out to Diamond Head and back.

While I was at Diamond Head, some guy stopped to talk with me, told me how he just fixed up his bike with three gears because that was all he needed, and was about to turn 60 so would I like to go up Tantalus with him.

Maybe he thought I was cute!

I demured and told him I had to get back to my family, aka, husband and children. LOL. He pedaled away in his stinky T-shirt and board shorts, although he was wearing Sidis — so I imagined he was divorced and way behind on child support and pity the gal who gets hooked by his line.

I’m sure you’re asking: Why DOESN’T Lavagal write novels? Indeed! The stuff I imagine is  definitely more lively and colorful than what is probably the case In Real Life.

Yay! John’s got the French press pots loaded. You should smell the kitchen! MMMmmmm….