An ocean mile.

Charlotte's hand in the pool at The Oahu Club.

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Last night Coach Joe Lileikis polled the masters swimmers about what they were training for and somehow it was determined that I can’t be there for nothing. As a result, I’ve got this application for the 2011 Duke’s Waikiki Ocean Mile Swim before me. Coach Joe said he was doing it and that he’d be taking it slow. Probably not as slow as me!

It’s a reasonable entry fee at $25, and it includes a continental breakfast, refreshments, a commemorative T-shirt, and an awards ceremony immediately following.

Normally, I ride my bicycle on Sundays, skirting Waikiki with a dip around Kapiolani Park sometimes, so I’m begrudgingly giving up my ride. I hope I’m only delaying it until later that day. Since the Na Wahine Festival and the Honolulu Century Ride arei in September, this swim will be good training for me, especially since that one is considerably shorter.

Well, if anything, the first-time event will provide me a personal record, a baseline on which to reflect when it comes to other swims. I’m not sure I’m going to like swimming in the ocean. I kinda like crashing into the ropes at the pool, sharing a lane in a circle swim, or splitting it with a fellow swimmer. The ocean is murky and I always feel like I’m on the menu, even if I am on a surfboard or a paddle board! Still, these mental blocks I create for myself must be met and overcome.

Every time I say I’m never going to do something, I end up doing it. I guess it’s hopeless at this point to expect me to keep my mouth shut.