Waves for the Duke in Waikiki

Waikiki morning, last Saturday.

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Tomorrow is my big day. It might not be anyone else’s big day, but it will be a big day for me. I’ll swim in the Duke’s Waikiki Ocean Mile Swim, which is part of a bigger week-long festival honoring Hawaii’s Number One Ocean Man, Duke Kahanamoku. Did I say Hawaii’s? I meant The World’s!

So I just checked the surf report. A South Shore swell is expected tonight, and it will subside some on Saturday, then gradually rebuilding for a week of surfing fun for those who have the time to take advantage.

Am I worried about the conditions? Not really. Sure, it might be a challenge going out, and the winds are supposed to be blowing onshore out of the south.  But I used to surf Waikiki daily, way back when I was single. Smear on some Hawaiian Tropics alcohol-based sunscreen, pop a bite of Sex Wax in the butt of my bikini bottoms and paddle out. Smile, be polite, rip waves. The advantage of a south swell are the waves coming back into shore. I hope I can catch a few on my way back to the beach!

Am I worried about the other swimmers? Yeah, a little bit. I’ve heard that part of the fun is getting kicked in the teeth or scratched or slammed or swam over while out there. So part of me wants to take it slow, and let the fierce and furious in front flail at each other. Coach Joe says to treat it like another practice, so I will.

I plan on blogging about it after the event. If I can finish without wobbling on the sand, I’ll be happy. I’m a little worried about the Achilles injury for that part of the event, so I will probably lose my age group during my water exit, LOL. OK. I’ll admit to being competitive. A little. But really? All I want to do is finish.