Coach’s Oats breakfast in a jar.

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Seems the best thing we can do for ourselves is get plenty of fiber, and eat nature’s scrubbing brushes to keep our insides clean and well tuned. I eat more fruit now than I ever did before. Vegetables were never a problem for me as I’m a fan of the savory. But getting enough fruit was always a challenge. So now for breakfast I always try to have fruit. And I think parts of me are pleased about that.

Have you ever been to the LifeHacker Website? I just love LifeHacker and others like it for the fun and interesting things you can learn in a quick hit. For instance, my husband John pointed out to me this Lifehacker link to make oatmeal in a jar. I’m in the process of doing that right now. Last night I made the family my home-made version of Hamburger Helper with ground turkey and Safeway Select Alfredo sauce, among other top secret ingredients that would make you salivate if you heard about it! My gang cleaned it up. There are no leftovers!

But as a result of that meal, I finally had a jar worthy of this oatmeal production. I didn’t bother washing off the label because I wanted to see if I’d be keeping it for another day. I poured in Coach’s Oats steel-cut oats from the big bag we get at Costco. To that I added cinnamon, salt, raw sugar and dried cranberries. I think every one of those ingredients came from Costco. I added boiling water and sealed the jar. Then I waited 15 minutes before I gave it a try.

It looks like a lot, more than anyone should eat at a time, more like a serving for two. I’ll remember that for next time. I waited a few minutes to test the texture. Steel-cut oats usually do best with the stove-top treatment.  But If I know I can do it with just a boiling-hot water dispenser, I’m there!

The jar was hard to handle once I poured in the hot water. I had to shift it around a little bit to be sure the water got throughout the mix. After 15 minutes, I gave it a taste test. The texture is fantastic, but I credit that to this being Coach’s Oats. Needs more salt, so I’ll remember that for next time. While it was “cooking,” the top went POP! and sealed itself! With my brute strength, I was able to open it.

I’m now thinking of other ways I can make the oatmeal. Dried coconut, apricots, honey, ginger preserves might make great additions. Talk about a fine portable breakfast! If you need something to get you to lunch so you don’t forage for junk, this is a good idea!