Wedding bells for Mark & Gypsy Raven!

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Another well-grounded and settled couple I believe to be in their 30s, has announced their engagement. I have met them through social media, and  once In Real Life (IRL) when I couldn’t make it to a Twitter tweetup here in Honolulu. The lovely couple, @MarkMizuno and @GypsyRaven, brought to my house a coveted prize made by @surfchick4jesus, a marvelous collecition of Happy Hearts Mochi. Congratulations to them, and may your marriage last forever!

I have a lot of friends that live in my computer, and real time or slightly delayed responses to each other’s posts are as close as we get most of the time. If you check Mark and Gypsy’s Twitter streams and Facebook pages today, you’ll see that many of their friends are congratulating them. And might I just add, IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! LOL!

Here’s some unsolicited advice: Marriage takes work, so make it fun. Put in the work, side by side, and admire your progress together. Remember all those fun talks while on dates? Why in the world would you stop that? Keep being friends, keep being desirable, keep desiring. Be proud of who you are, because that makes your partner proud of you, too. Be smart, be healthy, exercise, stay sexy. Enjoy wine and good food, but get out of the singles scene. You are no longer trolling for that wow encounter. The wow encounter is about to say I Do to you.

Have children. Please do not tell me that you don’t want to bring children into this gawd-forsaken world. Why not? Children are our personal stake in the future. They are our hope. They are the personification of our dreams. Just as you make a mark in this world, your children will take that and add to it. Swell with pride as your children make the world a better place.  Continue reading “Wedding bells for Mark & Gypsy Raven!”