Looking into your eyes.

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I’m working on three articles for my job. The research takes me to the websites of the BlueCross BlueShield Association, MedPage Today, and WebMD.

It’s easy to get off on a tangent. I might be researching something about the concept of Patient Centered Medical Home, but here’s a link about Attention Deficit Disorder or peri-pre-menopause and andropause! Often I’m right clicking the links so another tab opens on my browser. This morning there are 24 active tabs on my screen. Sometimes there are so many that no icons fit on the tabs! So much to read, so little time! So many interesting things in the universe! So many interesting people who write them!

What I sometimes find myself doing is looking at the head shots of the authors of many of these essays and articles and think about the kind of people are. I look at their faces, I search them for a little history, a little wear and tear, if sincerity exists in their eyes, for a head tilt, or a shoulder pose. What kind of lives do they lead? Is it possible that someone can write something warm and sensitive yet be a jerk in real life? Is it possible that maybe somebody else writes the meaningful words and that the face fronting the featured article couldn’t be bothered to be the real pulse behind the words?

I guess I wish that those who write so well with passion have a special aura about them, and that when I’m near them, a little bit of their magic dust lands on me. I guess I wish I manufactured my own magic dust and that someone reads my words and looks into my eyes and wonders what I’m like, IRL.

I won’t let you down.