The Kindness of Colleagues.

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I  get to work early so I can blog first thing. Most of the time, I’ve got something aching to get out of my fingers and onto the keyboard. I signed in today, opened up the browsers and the email. Then my phone rang, a call from colleague Eric Shearer, also an early bird.

He had just read my new Island Scene online story called Chew on This. He’s a vegan, and he said it made him laugh out loud, and he enjoyed my turn of phrase. Eric got hired a little more than a year ago and just got promoted. He’s young, smart, tall, and is given some intensely cerebral projects to tackle here on the Mothership.

I love my colleagues. At this point, I would say HMSA writers have great synergy with each other. We like each other, we look out for each other, we let each other know when there’s a story well written and a job well done.

And that’s what makes this a great place to work. In our Marketing and Communications department, we have a group of communications program managers, the web group, the video group, the graphic artists group, an editor in Lisa Maneki Baxa, several sharp managers and a director. I don’t want to name everyone because no one is as out here in social media as I am, so I’ll just leave it at that. I have worked for bosses who were mean girls, dementors, and tormentors all rolled into one Jabba the Hutt mess. The only good thing that comes out of that is knowing when you’re in a place where you’re appreciated. When you have good leadership,  you get a kick out of your personal successes, and SO DO THEY!

So about that phone call. Damn my Catholic upbringing! We’re talking and Eric pours some love my way and I said, “So? That’s why you called?”

Yes it was. Sorry to say that I’m used to getting a compliment quickly followed by a sadistic smack down to keep me in my place. I was ready for it. I was wincing on my end of the phone, yet it never came. I don’t wish that on anyone. If my girls can grow up without that kind of cloud, I’ll be happy! You must think I have issues. Well, kind people help me enjoy life. Appreciate those who give you joy, and let them know it!

Mahalo, Eric! And congratulations! I’m so pleased for you!