Blog positively.

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Blogging daily has its challenges. Most of the time I’ve got something positive to say, or I wish to make my case, or I want to reflect on current events. That’s how it is for every blogger, I guess. I also like to add in the element of family, and a lot of mom bloggers do that.

I’ve done my best to keep my blog from eating into my work time, and I get to work early to do it before I officially put my nose to the grindstone. Sometimes there’s work to do when I first show up. Rather than do the blog, I do the work. Then I blog. Why not be fluid? Why expect that your brain should only work between certain hours?

Some things have me down today, and so this entry will be short. Mom struggles, career struggles, missing friends, facing bills; if I spend too much time dwelling on them, I create my own personal funk. And of course, it’s self indulgent.

Today I got out of the house quietly and early, had a smooth commute, and found free street parking a few blocks from the Mothership. I always pin a little hope on the day as its first events unfold. I want to be positive, even if I did toss and turn all night. I’m always looking for a way to make things right.

This kind of entry doesn’t get many hits.