Hawaii’s first sexting case.

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After vicious storms/ The sun breaks through, shining light/ Our hopes are renewed.

A little news hit very close to home yesterday when we found out about Hawaii’s first sexting case. The allegedly guilty party lives in my ‘hood, was an educational aid at Kid1’s school, and is someone I might mutually follow on Twitter. I say might, because there is a person on Twitter with the same name and other Twitter peeps indicate it is the same person.

Men and women. Men and children. Women and children. Men and men. Women and women. Children and children. When the world is right, these can all be healthy relationships and friendships. Unfortunately, the world is not right.

Child pornography is a disease that is willingly spread among adults the world over. If you’ve ever seen it and were not horrified by it, then I don’t think you understand my point. I think it is a horrific theft of a childhood that seeks to destroy innocence. I think it is telling a girl or a boy they are garbage, a diminished hunk of flesh, and that their soul does not matter. These children can no longer focus on a play date with their friends, building sand castles on the beach with other kids, or keeping their eye on the ball as part of a team. Why? Because joy, fun, dreams, and exhilaration were stolen from them. I think child pornography creates adults who do not know how to relate to other adults and so they sustain the cycle to feed their own bottomless pits. I think somewhere down the line, a callousness develops and hurting children is twisted into a right.

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