38-mile bicycle ride, 4 hills, 0 photos.

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I have rumbly tumbleness inside, making me very uncomfortable. It started while I was on my ride, after I climbed Kamiloiki and Makapu’u hills. It necessitated a bathroom stop at Aina Haina and at Wailupe on the way back.

I rose at 5 a.m. and I rode alone. I didn’t make any short cuts except that I didn’t pause anywhere to take pictures. None from Makapu’u, none from Diamond Head, none from Kapiolani Park. I just wanted to get done, get home, get in the shower and get dressed. After this, a nap. Seltzer and grape juice.

I passed my usual stop at Diamond Head and circled Kapiolani Park to climb Monsarrat to 18th Avenue where I turned left and proceeded to follow that part of the course for the Na Wahine Festival. Continue reading “38-mile bicycle ride, 4 hills, 0 photos.”