Dawn Patrol.

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Years ago dawn patrol for me meant paddling out on my surfboard to the breaks at Diamond Head, Ala Moana Beach Park or Waikiki to catch some waves. Or maybe a pre-dawn drive to Laniakea or Chun’s Reef, the Town breaks of Oahu’s North Shore.

But now Dawn Patrol means getting to work with a handful of others to chill in the quiet, check out the news sites, the gadget sites, and to put up a blog entry. Every once in a while, like today, I have to get some work out. That gets moved to the front of my brain and I take care of it. I never think to myself, “oh dang I wanted to fart around online!” My focus is so crisp in the early morning that I could plow through tons of stuff before lunch!

That’s part of the reason I also like to get my daily blog entry up early. While I’m writing I’ll have little epiphanies about my projects. I’ll embrace the challenges. I’ll face something that stymied me the day before.

Waking early to get my mind bouncing in a fine groove at work is one of those things that charges my rockets. It feels good to accomplish solid, fine-quality work early in the day.