My Hawaii Home.

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Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of my arrival in Hawaii. It’s been home ever since. I came courtesy of the U.S. Air Force, following a two-year assignment at Edwards AFB in California’s Mojave Desert.

Beach forever. Dry lake beds that filled in the winter, reinforcing my longing to be ocean side. Jackrabbits with ears so long they could probably hear the stars falling. The sky over the desert has no secrets. I worked the night shift on computers that tracked missiles, test aircraft, and NASA’s first Space Shuttle, and sometimes we would take a break to watch the sky. It bustled.

Wahine paddlers on a glassy Maunalua Bay on a under storm clouds.

But desert life is not the life for me. I grew up with the Jersey Shore handy, and I’m used to having an ocean within reach. While at EAFB, I put in for a worldwide assignment. I didn’t specify any place in particular, I just wanted to go. Continue reading “My Hawaii Home.”