Developing a taste for ocean swimming again.

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Just as I do Monday through Friday, I was woken by my alarm, which was set to startle at 4:30 a.m. I thought to myself how it would be really nice to sleep in. Yesterday the winds howled across Hawaii. The National Weather Service tweeted that gusts were at 28.7 or more! I wanted to send out a simpering message to my new workout partner, Margie Davis, to see if we could put off the pain and suffering. Funny. I really thought I sent it out. Guess someone wanted me to put my ass on the line. Our first practice session for the Na Wahine Festival was this morning.

Glad we went. Margie is a kindergartner teacher and that means she’s a splendid explainer. We met in Waikiki. Continue reading “Developing a taste for ocean swimming again.”