Praying prey; a quick bicycle ride to Diamond Head and back.

John shoots while Kitty Girl patiently waits to kill.

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My family brought me home from work last night. I met them at WalMart and we headed home when we were done. John drove his Honda Fit into town, so by the time we headed back to our Hawaii Kai Hale, the back was full of things like a new Crockpot, dozens of flavors of shampoos and conditioners, little plants for the garden, and my work gear. We stopped on the way home for one more thing at Tamura’s on 10th Avenue in Palolo. Actually a half-dozen, but who’s counting? You won’t believe that Friday Pau Hana crowd at Tamura’s!!

The victim.
The praying mantis clinging to the Honda Fit.

Somewhere on the way home we picked up a praying mantis. Such a gorgeous creature! I brought John out to the driveway to see and he took some photos. I took pix of him taking pix. Behind him you can see Kitty Girl.

The Killer.
Who me? Kitty Girl is a ruthless killer. We should call her Killer Girl.

A few minutes later she made prey of the praying mantis. There she was so pleased with herself and two limbs under her nose. That cat is ruthless.

Today’s ride was launched late, so we did the basic Hawaii Kai to Diamond Head loop. The wind is merciless. We had a fine ride: uneventful and fairly quick. I need a nap.

The Hill Killer
I'm in my Bee Crazy jersey!