A birthday wishlist.

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The Benderettes tackle Washington, D.C., last week. Had a blast! Yes, totally unrelated to post.

John’s birthday is in a couple of weeks and he let me know one of the things on his wish list. He wants me to work out for at least an hour everyday, be it a walk to build up my bones, the elliptical for cardio, swimming for overall fitness, or bicycling because he knows he can’t get me off the bike.

All of this is his way of having a fit and happy wife, the gift that keeps on giving. What he’s really doing is quite sweet. When am I happy? When the pants zip up without struggle and jiggles are diminished. Now that we are back from vacation, I’m looking to add some ocean swims to my training sessions in anticipation of the Na Wahine Festival Swim and Bike event on Sept. 11, 2011. Sure, the swim is only 500 meters from the area near the Kapahulu Groin to the Waikiki Natatorium and back, but it’s unfamiliar territory. I’m doing about four times when I do my masters swimming training at The Oahu Club. But this will be September, which could mean a big South Shore swell. My main fear is getting kicked in the head and slammed by my competitors. I might just hang back and kick their asses when I get out of the water and onto my bike. I realize I could get a huge slice of humble pie that day. HUGE.

I need to learn a few things about transitions from swimming to getting on the bicycle. I would also like to see if there is anyone who would like to join me in swimming the course on a weekly basis. Anyone else out there looking for something different to do for the rest of the summer? Send me a message if you think you might. I do a lot of things on my own, and if no one comes through, I’ll probably do this, too, but I’d like the company. I need to dig through our swimming gear to find one of the kids’ swim caps. My hair is epic under water, but it sometimes ends up in my mouth when I turn to breathe. LOL.