Back on the bike. Motrin cocktails.

Who's sassy? 22.1 miles into a 32.39 mile ride.

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Passing overnight showers and a stiff breeze didn’t deter John and me from getting back on the bicycles today. It was the first ride since we returned from our East Coast Adventure. Is it really possible to lose that much ground over two weeks?

As usual, we took to the hills first. Going up Kamiloiki I hit 189 BPM. Not a pretty sight. Going up Makapu’u, I hit 169 BMP. A little better. As we pedaled into our first valley past the Hawaii Kai post office, I said to John, “I’m still waiting for this not to hurt.” The ride hurt a lot. I am not kidding myself. I’m not 30 something anymore, but gosh sakes I’m not a house-dress-wearing-junk-food-eating-soap-opera-watching cat lady in curlers, right?

Today’s stats:

Time: 02:28:48
Distance: 32.39 mi
Elevation Gain: 807 ft
Calories: 723 C
Avg Temperature: 84.8 °F
Time: 02:28:48
Moving Time: 02:02:51
Elapsed Time: 02:28:48
Avg Speed: 13.1 mph
Avg Moving Speed: 15.8 mph
Max Speed: 39.5 mph
It will get better, we will get better, we always do. For yesterday’s blog, I wrote about a challenge from John regarding some personal goals I have. It is all in fun. My husband and I laugh a lot. We talk a lot. We understand each other most of the time. Sometimes one of us is in a good mood and the other is not, but most of the time we are in sync. This is how we operate and it works for us. A blog reader left a comment that clearly indicated she didn’t understand our relationship. I don’t really need her or anyone to understand. But, and I’ve said it before, if the point of a comment is negative, it’s my choice to never let it see the light of day. I responded privately and told her that when she gets a sense of humor I’d be happy to publish her comments.

Today I wore my new Scattante jersey. I was totally Miss Scattante. My red bike had its new red Contis on it. I’m all red, white, black and FUN! Sure the head wind on the way back to Hawaii Kai wore me out. Sure I TRIED to take an afternoon nap, but, alas, it eluded me! The bottom line is I looked terrific suffering through today’s ride!

Maybe you noticed I didn’t take a photo at Makapu’u. At a little more than five miles into my ride I was ready for it to be over. So we stayed there just two or three minutes and whipped back down the hill. If you see me riding and I’m pedaling as though my life depended on it, chances are it’s because I’m trying to get to my finish line. Love the ride, but love the end of the ride best. Tall seltzer and cranberry with Motrin, thank you very much!