I like Mondays.


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In my book, Mondays ROCK! Why? Well, if you’ve got a job that’s fun, that’s part of it. But if you’re a mom, the first chance at detaching from the family and sealing the deal on a weekend of activities doesn’t really happen until you plop down in your cube, sign on as Career Gal and assess assignments.

Physically, my body relaxes and eventually, usually after I’ve done this morning blog-writing exercise (before I officially punch in, but I have been known to actually do work before I officially punch in if someone needs something STAT! (I’m good like that)), my brain’s cogs are aligned and humming with a nice spin. Coffee to my left.

The place is quiet for we first arrivers. Few words are exchanged beyond good morning as most of us have yet to pull in the force field that Continue reading “I like Mondays.”