Little miracles.

Charlotte art #1: Proud Pride.

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We have been promising Charlotte an artist studio for a little while, but we weren’t going to just hand it to her. She’d have to earn it. She’d have to prove she could have a space to call  her own. And once she got it, she’d have to keep it neat and tidy.

I didn’t expect we’d ever have to deliver. Charlotte is the kind of kid who does not pick up her dirty clothes off the floor despite being told a half dozen times. I thought when we’d promised her an art studio with the caveat that she’d have to stop leaving dirty laundry, drawings, purses, books, homework, and life strewn across the house, she’d never get her act together and we’d be off the hook. Guess again. For the record, I am happy to be proven wrong.

Charlotte art #2: Fine Feline Friends.

I’m not exactly sure how yesterday unfolded, but John is home on vacation in this final summer school-free week for the girls. He told me the girls, aware that it was bulk pick-up week, started Continue reading “Little miracles.”