Hill drills, siestas, culinary pursuits.

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Today’s bicycle ride started about 7:18 this morning and I did 36 miles. Kamiloiki and Makapu’u hills, Hawaii Kai, Niu and Aina Haina valleys; Diamond Head, around Kapiolani Park, up Monsarrat to the Bark Park where I made a left onto 18th Avenue, right on Kialauea Avenue, passed the Kahala Mall on my left and turned right onto Makaiwa and then back onto the golf course road, Kealaolu for the second time. This incorporates the Na Wahine Festival course into my regular ride. The knees were bitches today. I got home and John had taken the girls for a run around Kapiolani Park. I like to come home to an empty house, but I never know what to do with myself. I always want to relax, or clean, or eat something amazing. Today? None of the above. A Motrin cocktail, a shower, and off to meet the gang.

We hooked up at Costco Hawaii Kai. My afternoon was primarily a big nap on the sofa, and I was woken by a rudely searing sun slanting its rays through the skylights.

Cauliflower steaming in the new pan.

I wanted to make a dish with curried lentils, quinoa and coconut milk to serve with cauliflower tonight. Alas, it will be served with burnt butter. The girls put in for old fashioned macaroni and cheese, and the casserole was just fetched from the oven.

Macaroni and cheese in the Russel Wright casserole dish.

All in all, my kinda Saturday. It might be boring to you, but that’s OK.