Fitness takes no holidays.

New Jersey Peace Dove. Diamond Head Lookout. So that's what I look like from behind!

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When we went to bed last night, John asked that I set no alarms and that we go when we get up. It’s a holiday, after all. We intended to ride, since, holidays are dangerous times for those of us battling the bulge. I woke at 2:30, managed to get back to sleep, and then woke at a humane 5:30 this morning. Clunked around in the kitchen until John finally woke up at 715ish.

I declined his suggestion that we do the hills. Maybe, I said, if we were leaving an hour earlier, but, it’s the 4th of July. Someone died yesterday when their moped collided with an SUV over by Makapu’u. I’m just not big on holidays that tend to send people pouring into the back of pickups, flocking to the beaches after buying all the beer cubes and kegs in town. The Bucky Lake Effect, if you will. Scroll to the bottom of this Star-Advertiser link to find my archived blog, Your Mileage May Vary, about road-side memorials.

As a result, you might think that ours was a lazy holiday ride. You’d be wrong. Our average moving speed was 17.1. We didn’t take much of a break at Diamond Head because it was packed with tour buses and surfers scoping the break. Guess what? You shoulda been there yesterday. Bigger, cleaner waves.

John Trumbell's 'Surrender of Lord Cornwallis,' a painting in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. This is just a partial shot of the painting. Something patriotic from our East Coast trip for today's holiday.

So a quick 23.77 miles and we were home in about an hour and a half. Check the map/player? 

Love, peace, and hippy cool Founding Fathers!