Last week of Na Wahine Festival preparations.

Red at Rest after the ride. I'm catching my breath, too!

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Today I met with a friend, Margie Davis, who introduced me to a few other gals in anticipation of the Na Wahine Festival of sporting events that will be held next Sunday. There were Linda Murai and Patty Dunn, two Red Hot Ladies; Gayle Hendrick, a nurse with a nurse staffing agency, new Department of Education board appointee  Charlene Cuaresma, Patty, who is a counselor at Kamehameha Schools, and Joy, who I didn’t get to find out anything about. We always discover that there’s a friend in common and this one is Fred Fortin, one of my senior vice presidents at HMSA. Most of the other women, if not all of them, knew Fred. I suspect Fred and his wife are following around the Dick Evans Memorial Bike Ride peloton around Oahu today, providing medical support should it be necessary. And if they are, let’s hope they don’t have too much to do!

After the ride, I drove over to Diamond Head Lookout and captured the moment. Gorgeous!

I didn’t wear my heart-rate monitor, so the calorie count of these stats are not to be considered. But today when I did my bicycle ride (after my zig-zag swim, LOL!), I went as fast as I could, traffic signals permitting, and really worked hard at getting an idea of how to strategize for the ride. I hope I can finish the event without embarrassing myself.

I saw John doing his run, too. Now we’re done. I bet I get up tomorrow and ride, too. Can’t let a three-day weekend go to waste!