Time to decompress

I know that many of the men who are my friends are the best guys around when it comes to taking care of their wives and families. John just got through cleanup detail here at home. I cook, he cleans up. He cleans the whole time I’m cooking, he cleans while our guests are here, he puts the finishing touches on life at home after our guest hit the road.

Time to say thank you. Do you ever think the guy you love is a pain in the butt? So what? He loves you back if he doesn’t sit on his butt while you officiate over family life.

In fact, I’m the pain in the butt around here. I don’t know how he can stand it sometimes. Marriage means having to take the good with the weird.


The family said I’m a good cook, once again. They always do. I’m starting to believe them.

One month to go in 2010. In two weeks i’ll be 52, John will run another marathon, and we can’t get over how the ups over compensate for life’s downs. I get to go to bed pretty soon, and tomorrow begins another week. Life goes on, pressure or not.