The Have-to-Do List

Too often I scrap the weekend should dos for the wanna dos: Why do yard work when I can ride bicycle on this beautiful day? Why do laundry when we can go to Target or Costco?

Well today I’ve decided that I’m going to do yard work. We have guests coming next weekend for Thanksgiving dinner, so the only chance to get the yard in shape is today. No one has to do this with me, I’m happy to pop on my iPod and pull weeds, rake leaves and fill our two green bins to the beat of my favorite iTunes. I haven’t done yard work in a long time. Not since January or so.

I’m a different kind of parent than my own mother who operated a slave-labor camp since I was four years old. But when I give my kids a job to do and they seem to be purposely frustrating me with their insufficient progress, I’d rather do it all myself. I realize that sets them up for becoming inadequate adults. Or maybe it sets them up for being the kind of people who can afford to hire help.

I’m writing my blog now because it’s also on my have-to-do list. But now I need to sign off and wash the dishes, start more laundry and get busy in the yard. I’m not missing the bicycle ride that much. Those training for the Honolulu Marathon fill the road shoulders, running shoulder to shoulder, leaving little or no room for people actually riding bicycles. I’d rather mess with the lizards and other yard critters today.

I will also get a lot of thinking done today. There’s a lot on my mind.