#NaNoWriMo or #NaBloPoMo?

Let me first applaud those of you ambitious, well-intentioned scribes dedicating themselves to the daily exercise that will conclude with 50,000 words woven into a novel for National Novel Writing Month, affectionately referred to as #NaNoWriMo on social media channels. Many of you will fall by the wayside. Some of you will repeat past performances and deliver the 50k words as expected. I fell by the wayside one year.

Maybe I’m a writer with a short attention span, so weaving my many written words into a novel would be a monumental task. I cannot even do it when I’m stuck at home for five weeks with an injury. Twitter was made for me. I haiku daily. Here’s this morning’s:

November arrives/

a wet Hawaii morning/

Bus wiper rhythms.

I write articles, I write blog entries, I write emails. I’d love to write novels. My husband thinks I can tell a tale that would have you grinning, guffawing, laughing, smiling, weeping, and hugging strangers. I’ve mastered the art of the loaded hello, the friendly hit-and-run, the elevator dash. Given the chance I’d do more.

So here’s my chance. Apparently today is also the beginning of National Blog Posting Month, or #NaBloPoMo, and the idea is to write a blog entry today. This is today’s entry. I love to blog. I love it more when you read it! And writing it everyday?


Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we?