Friday or Monday?

I might be feeling like this the day after Thanksgiving, but today felt a lot like a Monday since we were all off yesterday for Veterans Day.

Nearly everyone showed up for just one more day of work. I say nearly, because I dearly missed some folks. You know who you are! And I got to see my boss for like 30 seconds: “DUDE!” He’s so awesome.

Since I moved up into my new department, and brought all my work up with me, I’ve learned its system of job flow, which REALLY works for me. I mostly work with one particular manager who serves as my gatekeeper, buffer, protector, bouncer. Let me express my GRATITUDE.  It used to be they’d all come to me. It was frustrating and sometimes I felt quite battered.

This week my manager and I worked our way through several newsletters, including one that is quite monstrous and now in the hands of the layout person. After I work through the copy, and pass it through colleagues for copy editing, I pass the job on to the artist who lays out the newsletter. That also used to be my job. I am so glad that now all I have to focus on are the words. I don’t have a flair for page design.

It’s still crazy, but my manager has got a plan and newsletters and articles and notices will soon become routine instead of frantic.

Let me tell you: I had some frantic moments this week. Some moments of exasperation, too. I’m not looking to ninja on the features and other fun articles my colleagues are doing. I’m the new writer in the pool, and I have to focus on the articles to providers that I have been doing for more than two years. I do get some “snacks” of feature stories, too, but my bread and butter is the drier stuff. It’s OK.

When I was a newspaper reporter, I found it impossible to write outside the scope of work. Thanks to blogging, I now feel like I can hang out with all kinds of people via my blog, Facebook and Twitter. When I write to providers of health care, I rarely hear back from them.

Come to think of it, I rarely hear back from many of you. I guess that’s OK, too.

Some of you respond regularly! You know who you are! (HUGS!)