My romantic ocean tale

Would you rather be like an ocean, waves lapping the shore every few seconds, currents traveling for thousands of miles, carrying invertebrates, krill, seabirds here and there? Within which dwells the dark and mysterious multi-tendrils of giant squid, pelagic hunters, playfully surfacing porpoises, bottom dwellers of starfish and crabs?

Would you tenderly skim the shores of others, build castles in their damp sand, chase the birds that dance with the wavelets, leave gifts of words like scattered shells above the tide line?

I would.

Sea walls, oil slicks, harbors, sunken ships, petroleum tires sunken in ocean graveyards, snarls of nets, flotsam and jetsam present themselves at the most inconvenient times. The nagging flaws and insecurities, the abundance of fat to skim, of words to reel in, of vulnerabilities that don’t quite fit within our skin.

Each morning the sun will glow across our ripples, our white caps, our dark and rolling currents that for miles will travel until they reach that which stops the wave train, an obstruction, a smile, an upside down rainbow on your face.

And I will sprinkle you with a sea mist of tears because of my happiness for finally having had the chance to be with you.


That’s just the way words spilled from me today.