Track My Happiness app

When I first heard about this iPhone app, Track Your Happiness, I knew I wouldn’t be downloading it. I know already. I’m so up and down I’d skew and screw the data. But maybe not.

According to an article that ran in the New York Times this week, I’m actually typical. Upon returning from a daydream, I’m a bit depressed. Not sure if my daily ups and downs are as small as the cogs on a bicycle chain ring or as deep as a culvert diverting rivulets to the ocean, but they are there. Sometimes it feels like a gray mist of atmosphere hangs over me, causing my hair to frizz, my eyes to be sad, pushing down on the corners of my mouth. But it all changes so quickly. You’d be surprised at what little it takes to change all that. A hello, mostly. An attagirl is a big deal. A comment on Facebook or Twitter and I soar.

A little while ago someone asked me what antidepressant I was on. I was puzzled by the question. It never occurred to me that I should be on one. It never came up during conversations with doctors. And I still feel like it’s not an option. I can manage the down in the dumps with a bicycle ride, a visit to 24-Hour Fitness. So maybe I should have gotten up at 320 a.m. this morning. I’m floating in a funk at the moment. Already I’m planning on a bicycle workout at home tonight.

As for the app to Track My Happiness, I applaud the use of apps for scientific research. They’ll be fine tuned, and I’d definitely participate. So keep on! But I’d rather not spend too much time examining my dips. The article says that when the app prompts people to respond, if they are in the middle of getting laid, their mood is pretty darn good. If they were prompted during a daydream, not so much. Well. Gee. Tell me something I don’t know already! Daydreams are imaginary escapes, so of course it’s a drag to come back to the surface. And no wonder I love it when I’m too busy at work to slip into a day-dream state. The day flies by and there never was a chance for wistfulness.

Gosh. Life is interesting, and I certainly love all the technology we are swimming in now. More to come, count on it!