Last ride of 2010: Lemme get the bugs outta my teeth! by lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details

Last ride of 2010: Lemme get the bugs outta my teeth! by lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details.

Except for the doves intent on making morning love, the dawn was quiet. I detected no wind. But by the time we rolled at about 8 a.m. there was a substantial breeze. It felt good riding up the street to our starting point. My legs were enjoying the motion of pedaling, and I led the way as John and I headed out for a workout toward Diamond Head.

By the time we turned onto Lunalilo Home Road, I was feeling my groove. Then the coach barked: “To the HILLS!” What? You think I said “OH, CUSS!” under my breath? You know me all too well, LOL! So we headed up. It wasn’t easy climbing Kamiloiki, but this time it wasn’t as hard as it had been before. Credit the Spinervals Hill Grind Climb or whatever it’s called DVD. Spinervals DVDs are true training butt kickers. I sweat buckets on the trainer in the living room. But it’s safe. No one is trying to shave the hair off my legs as they graze me with their tons of steel.

Lots of other cyclists today. Groups and gobs of them. When we were on our way to Makapu’u, there were quite a few coming down. We stayed and took a photo, then we headed back down. I clocked in at 38.4 mph going down that hill. Add the excitement of a brisk swirly cross wind about half way and I’d say it was, ahem, thrilling. A few minutes later I inhaled a bug. Effen great, I thought! Now I’m going to die when it bites my lung! For some reason I encountered several bugs today. One even went into my glasses and banged into my left eye! I think they were kamikaze bugs intent on dying the last day of 2010.

20.9 miles pau
Paula poses with both John's and her bike at Diamond Head.

I wasn’t! We had a considerably uneventful ride. Most drivers were quite courteous, and of course, we ride by the rules. It’s key to survival.

So, did you see us? I was in pink, John was in red. John says pink is not my friend. Oh well. I might look like a Redondo Red hot dog with a Garmin heart monitor strapped on, but, I look less sausagy than I used to!

Happy New Year, Luvs! No matter what 2011 has in store for us, let us always seek equilibrium. Cross-winds be damned!