Weight Watchers PointsPlus update week 1

This really isn’t week one for me on Weight Watchers, just the completion of the first week of its PointsPlus version. I’ve been on WW 97509337503975923987357390223 days and I’ve lost and gained the same 29375209373 pounds over the last two years.


First of all, what truly, truly, TRULY helps me this time is the fully authorized WW app I downloaded from iTunes. It is amazing! It really helps me track my food intake and activities.  And now that the numbers are you know, kinda more, I’m not afraid to face my appetite and admit to it on the tracker. Where I used to get 18 points a day, and an extra 35 a week to play with, I now get 29 a day and 49 a week to play with. Instead of counting calories, fat and fiber, we now count carbohydrates, fat, fiber and protein.

So what, you say? For me there is the mental and emotional embrace of the MORE that is PointsPlus. And yeah, I’ve been known to say that it’s a bit Atkinsish, since it seems to want us to let up on the carbs a bit more. All fresh fruits and vegetables are free. Pay for protein and carbohydrates. So you better believe Farmer Ed Otsuji of Hawaii Kai is working double time to keep me up to my eyeballs in freshly picked radishes, beets and green onions!

So how did I do? Down 2.4 pounds my first week. I know why. I worked out six days. Two of those days were bicycle rides of 25 miles or more, in the elements. Four of those days were what we call BCOD workouts. I wake at 330 a.m. to arrive at 24-Hour Fitness Hawaii Kai at the Butt Crack of Dawn to work out on the elliptical, my second favorite indoor stationary torture device. My bicycle mounted on the trainer at home is my first fave!

Also, let’s just say I pushed the food limit. On Sunday after my workout, the family wanted to eat. So we ended up at Big City Diner Ward Center and I had the Paniolo Burger, with crispy fried onions, guava barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese and enough fries on my plate to fight an Irish famine. And I ate it all. I also ate some Yogurtland cranberry-raspberry, snowflake mint, double dutch chocolate and red velvet cake batter in a bowl, sans toppings, later that day. Most days my plates were heaped with vegetables, and the breakfast always begins with fresh fruit.

My weight is classified, so you’ll never really know what I did weigh, and maybe I’ll share what I do weigh once I make goal. I am guilty of creating my own obstacles. This week I made chocolate chip-oatmeal-coconut cookies that could bring about economic stability and world peace if I’d produce them commercially. THEY’RE THAT GOOD. Instead I have two for breakfast (a wopping 7 points for the pair), and I share two with someone else. Today it was with April who blessed me with a gigantic avocado from her tree. I only took it because my tree has not yet begun gifting us yet with its globes of goodness.

Yesterday I rested, but today I woke up to begin the exercise cycle again. I love the end of a workout. I don’t love waking up when it’s still super early, but I also don’t love the feeling of a thick middle nor the look of a saggy butt. So I drag myself to the gym and I leave 20 years younger every time.