A net gain

I posted my first blog entry here on WordPress Nov. 26, 2008, and I wrote about Thanksgiving. Sorry I missed that anniversary. I like WordPress. It’s free! Plus, if you start blogging and forget about it, you don’t feel so guilty because you’re not paying for it.

Last month I succeeded in blogging daily. I got into what I consider a healthy habit. I don’t always get my words written right, but the effort is made. Monkeys. Typewriters. The Lord’s Prayer. A pinhead. All the elements are there.

I decided to make a stronger commitment to my writing by purchasing the domain lavagal.net. I actually think I had/have lavagal.com, but I severed the relationship with the domain seller WHOSE AGGRESSIVE SALES PEOPLE TELEPHONED TO UPSELL ME REPEATEDLY.

What’s super nice about this is that WordPress is still my anchor. I continue with its features, I am part of its community, and I can read and glean from the experts that populate its bandwidth. Today was a day off where I got to do a little bit of research and to learn a little bit more about the back of the house of web publishing.

As I gain more confidence in the techpool, I’ll try some more of the bells and whistles that are out there. It is cool to know that there’s a lot to learn, still. Makes that next breath worth while, doesn’t it?