New personal record

Today I fell at the exact same spot I fell earlier this year on January 28th, on the sidewalk between a Buddhist temple and Keeaumoku McDonald’s. It’s an irregular stretch of sidewalk, a tree’s roots is probably pushing it up, and its big round and rolly-polly seeds are all over. I probably stepped on one, it gave under the heel of my shoe and down I went.

It’s as though a fury resides there. Today was the day it decided to push me. Was it delighted? Ever since I fell there the last time, I’ve been careful about navigating that spot. Unfortunately, I missed something this time.

It’s always embarrassing to fall. I like to wear little boots because I feel safe with the extra letter wrapped around my ankles. I watch my feet carefully when I take the stairs at work. I am always looking down, because I’ve learned the hard way. I’m actually quite an accomplished faller. Today I landed on my right hand and right knee. I skinned my knee without ripping the fabric of my pants. I stubbed my little boot’s toe. Someone asked me if I were alright, and I was.

It’s just so odd that it happened at the same place a second time.

And it’s so odd that it was my second fall today. As I was leaving the house, I had my big bag on my right shoulder, my smaller bag on my left shoulder and my iPhone in hand. Normally, I turn out the lights and use the iPhone to get Twitter or G-Mail to light my way. Purposely I said I’ll just get across the house and out the door, no problem. But when I went to step down from the dining room toward the door to go out, both feet got caught on something, both ankles got torqued as did my right arm. I was falling into darkness and I didn’t know what would happen, so at 520 a.m. I yelled out as I went down. I was terrified my Achille’s tendon would pop again. I’m always terrified of that.

That woke John up and he came out to see if I was OK. I was hurting, but I had to catch theBus. I did. Then the rest happened.
Fortunately, the ice machine at work is functioning again. I got myself some ice, took off my boot, propped up my foot on my desk and thanked gawd I wasn’t wearing a pencil skirt today.

A new personal best. Too bad no one was around to applaud. Good thing I’ve never been in anyone’s wedding.

Sometimes we supers have bumpy days, too.