Fitness apps addiction

So, speaking of apps, in particularly iPhone apps, I collect those, too. In fact, on my Twitter profile, I should state that I collect apps along with friends, recipes and smiles. There. That was easy.

Aloha! My name is Paula and I’m an appahoic. Did I just offend? Probably.

My weakness is fitness apps. I share my iTunes library with my family, so you might think that my weakness is game or art apps. It is not. I grew up addicted to women’s magazines, and have transferred that obsession to fitness apps. Madison Avenue, take note. I just learned that Oprah magazine will soon be available on an iPad version. Are there any others? I’d pull up Real Simple in a heartbeat.

My first main fitness app was PointCalcLite, which is a faux Weight Watch point counter. While grocery shopping, I have my iPhone in hand, enter the calories, fat and fiber into the app and it tells me how many points per serving. It saves me lots of money. If the points per serving count is horrendous, I shelve the product.

The fitness apps I have include  iWatcher, Nutrition, Lose it!, Tap&Track, WeightCtrl, WorkoutLog, Hypno.Tranquility, Exercise Log, Fit Builder, Dotti, Distance Free, Cyclemeter, iMapMyFitness, iMapMyRIDE, Livestrong, 200Situps, Abtastic, and Pedometer.

All are designed to perfect me. Admittedly, most of these apps never made it beyond my initial opening of them. I had high hopes for the iWatcher app because I’m on Weight Watchers, which is feeling like a total fail right now as it is. But Weight Watchers is turning a new leaf next week so I’m counting on that to help me refresh my commitment. I am so sick of Zero-Point Soup.  In fact, at this point, I feel like maybe I can just be what I am right now for the rest of my life. I feel like that for about five minutes. Then I think about how great it feels to be fit, how great it feels to wrap up a workout, how great it feels to get dressed and like what I see in the mirror.

That seems superficial. Let me go deeper. If we’re to live life to its fullest, shouldn’t we be in the best condition possible each day we wake? My desire surpasses the beauty of being fit to experiencing life in all its richness. I doubt I’m alone in that quest. I guess it’s just a sign of the times that I seek it through an iPhone app.

I wonder what else apple has got for my cart?