Riding with Chet the Jet

Today was a different kind of ride for me. In Honolulu there is a road call Lagoon Drive, which is a nice flat stretch to the edge of Honolulu International Airport. I love the area. I love watching the jets take off, I love seeing the little crop dusters, helicopters and props that tool about while the big passenger and cargo jets taxi by. My ultimate thrill is watching the fighters take off. Being a former USAF airman, these aircraft are near and dear to my heart. I got to fly in a few of them, too!

But today I drove over there with my bicycle and joined Chet Blanton for a tiny sliver of his Double Decca, which is an Ironman times 20. Imagine being a person capable of a 48-mile swim, a 2,240-mile bicycle and a 524-mile run? Imagine doing that in 28 days. Chet’s goal is to complete it with his big finish at the Honolulu Marathon.

I can only imagine. I may be able to get back into swimming, I definitely have gotten into my bicycling, but I’m not sure I’ll ever run again. Do people walk that portion of triathlons? Because if they do, then maybe I could give it a shot. Maybe my swimming and bicycling could make up for that loss of time.

Here’s my workout for today:

Untitled by lavagal at Garmin Connect – Details.

What do you know about yourself and your capabilities? Do you talk yourself out of being great? Try changing that. Try talking yourself into being amazing. Why expect anyone else to do that for you?