Draft me to the nearest McRib!

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At least this guy said thank you! After taking a photo at Diamond Head Lookout again, longing for the days I used to surf there for hours (every day of the week!), I headed back toward Hawaii Kai. I saw someone behind me on a bike in a red kit and a blue helmet, and I wanted to let them pass so they hung back. Dude, I thought to myself, LATER.

Once I got past Kahala Mall Center and back on Kalanianaole Highway, I picked up a group that went straight when I turned right by the golf course to avoid the first red light. I caught them at Maunalua Bay. But before then, I came upon a pair of guys by Aina Haina Shopping Center that were really taking it easy. When the traffic cleared, I passed them and said, “I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE TAKING IT EASY!” I smiled and zipped by. I can only take so much stationary bicycling!

Then I realize that the second guy was now with ME. Black dude in a red, white and blue kit, with a pretty blue helmet. Drafting me big time. I thought to myself, “Draft me to the nearest McRib!” LOLOLzzzz! So once again, as I always do when a dude clamps down on my wheel, I work it. But this time I thought it was OK. I need to burn the calories, and I love the pressure this provides. We were zipping! It felt great. I worked so hard as my stats might indicate.

When we got to Maunalua Bay, I decided not to turn in because  Hawaii Kai farmers were demonstrating against Kamehameha Schools there. We went straight. At the light at Keahole Street, we picked up that peloton I mentioned earlier. They followed us over the bridge. When we got past the bridge, my butt hugger came up and thanked me for the pull.

Made all the difference in the world. You thank me for that, and I’m putty. We said bye and see ya later and off he went. The peloton and I turned into Portlock, and I let them go by because I was checking my Garmin to see how close I was to 25. The guys said hi. The chicks, typically, didn’t.

Good ride, thanks to my power to draft dudes. Heh.