Is Fat Permanent?

Happy Halloween!

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Good morning fellow hamster-wheel habituates. You know who you are. You set the alarm to stun on the weekends so you can get in an early morning workout. You run, you ride, you lift weights, you attend classes at the gym, you mount the stair monster, the helliptical, the dreadmill. You take vitamins, you watch what you eat, you curb your alcoholic consumption, you look wistfully at candy bowls at work after Halloween.

Guess what? A new study says it’s all for naught. Staying fit and trim is a Sisyphean endeavor. You will roll that mountain of fat up the hill only to find it rolls back over you, squashes your ego, and, do it all over again. What is it that Rita Mae Brown wrote in her book, Sudden Death? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” 

What the pho? Just when you thought it was safe to slip into your running shoes with the glow-in-the-dark quick laces, you now get a pass to sit your a$$ back down on the sofa and watch the idiot box.

Never fear, my husband says. There’s always a new study right around the corner. Because you know what? Sitting on your a$$ gets you no where. And when you get up you find that there isn’t anything in your closet you can wear.