Save the World

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There’s a lot to be sad about, but my husband tells me no one wants to read the blog if I write about being sad and sad stuff going on in the world. I know this to be true.

But don’t you want to save the world when:

  • People want unreasonable banking and credit lending fees to be reigned in, ala Occupy Wall Street?
  • Mentally ill people are held captive in dank and dark basements while their Social Security checks, and their lives, are stolen from them?
  • Exotic animals are released into a world where they have no place because the man who owned them had one cowardly deed left to do on Earth?

I am part of the 99 percent. I am a fully functioning adult American. My husband and I have good jobs, we pay our bills, we care for our children. We have our health, we have each other, we know and appreciate how fine our life is. We care for two kitties who were born in my garage to feral parents. Our previous cat was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society.

I woke to news that Moammar Gadhafi, the leader of Libya for 42 years, was killed, and that Libyans are rejoicing at being released from his oppression.

When is that point in life where a leader becomes an oppressor, a caretaker becomes a jailer, a human assumes rule over wild animals? And when is the right time to step in with some psychoanalysis to reign in these oppressors? Whose job is it to be brave, step in, and call bullsh^t on obvious wrongs? These developments seep into lives gradually, like a warm stinking puddle that slowly fills a room and consumes its victims before anyone realizes it.

How do we save the world?

I don’t know. But I just got an article back with edits and from what I can tell it’s jam-packed with my own D’OH mistakes. Ugh. I guess that’s how it is with most of us. We need to solve the problems that lie before us before we can look at the bigger picture. Those of you in charge of the bigger picture? You’re there because we trust you. Don’t blow it.